I have relocated to Valdez, AK for the spring, and I just wanted to update you all on the goings on up here. I am working for Valdez Heli-Camps as a helicopter ski guide and have been up here since February 1st.

Life as a Heli Guide is very different than guiding work in the lower 48. The most important difference, and the most disappointing, is the lack of skiing…  In February we had 20 consecutive no-fly days. A hard pill to swallow after skiing nearly 7 days a week back home in CB.

landing the helicopter

We do our best to stay occupied with various activities including: Low visibility Snowcat skiing, Ice Climbing in the rain, and various basecamp tasks involving the handling of Diesel fuel. Our patience usually pays off with days like below.

Mike in the Chugach

Stay tuned for regular blog updates. mtns tiny