Having the perfect blend of work and play in the mountains is something that (I think) every guide struggles with. The lure of more work as well as the necessity of more play, or perhaps vice-versa; is a very delicate balance. Having been careful to not over do it on each end, I’ve had some fun adventures in the mountains over the past several days and wanted a few pics.

After a great Mont Blanc summit day, I’ve seized the opportunity to train and play on some very classic routes. The first of which, the Pyramid du Tacul, is a very popular alpine rock climb that starts with a walk down from the Aiguille du Midi station over towards (or into?) Italy. Having stayed out late the night before and getting a later than necessary start we had to rush back to the station to make the last ride down. What felt like an easy stroll was a somewhat miserable slog to reach the last ride down!

The next day Sarah and I opted to do the classic Papillon Arete on the Aiguille du Plan. This was one of the biggest alpine routes ever for Sarah and the exposed, complex, serrated ridge was spectacular albeit popular. Sarah got her first taste of what it is like to pass multiple parties on a route!

Check out a quickly thrown together slideshow movie below, complete with bagpipes filmed in town announcing our arrival.

[vimeo 5560235]