It’s that time again. I’ve been avoiding skiing in the thin and somewhat sketchy early season snow, but when duty calls I’ll tough it out for a day with CB’s finest. After the first 100 meters of skinning or so, I felt right at home psyched and ready for winter.

Being a very small and highly specialized guide service, Crested Butte Mountain Guides generally doesn’t do formal guide trainings. Our ‘stacked’ roster of AMGA trained and certified guides is perhaps the proudest in the country when it comes to ski guiding. Nonetheless, We all agreed that it would be fun and informative to get out there together and get us all back in gear for winter backcountry ski guiding. IFMGA guide Steve Banks ran the training for us today, and our growing staff of 10! had a great day.

To my surprise conditions were actually quite good out there today. We did see plenty of signs of instability including a remotely triggered size 1.5 while out there today, but overall we had a great day out. Check out some clips from today and let me know what you think!



  [vimeo 2411157]

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Mike Bromberg

OH! If your not doing anything tonight (Dec 2) stop over to the Crested Butte Center for the arts for the Crested Butte Avalanche Center‘s annual Avalanche Awareness Night. Join us for an educational and social fundraising event with Americas first Independent Avalanche Center!