I’ve experimented with a pinky rest on the Black Diamond Venom once before; in the form of a Petzl Trigrest (from the Petzl Sum’tec) with only marginal results. Today, I finally experimented with the most logical solution- using the stock hardware and an older model Grivel Slider. The results seem to be quite solid.

*The slider or similar pinky rests are useful when climbing steeper alpine terrain. Most modern technical tools and some general mountaineering axes are equipped with such a device*

Grivel Slider with Hardware

I used a low powered “screw gun” to drill small holes about 1 cm up from where the spike is attached to the shaft (assumingly by pressure fit/glue) and was easily able to get through the grip and aluminum. The two screws are of course essential in keeping the slider from sliding off the end of the axe. The included hardware, tiny screws meant to thread into the rivets of Grivel axes, worked perfectly and sat more flush into the rubber grip than I anticipated.

Slider and Stopping Screws on BD Venom

Grivel Slider on Black Diamond Venom with Stopping Screws

The slider-slides down for use in more technical terrain
Slider stowed with bungee for use in piolet canne mode.

The result is a fairly clean solution to an oft brainstormed problem. Overall, it seems like a good system and was installed without too much fuss. I could see having the Venom Hammer with a pinky rest being a really useful tool in moderate icy terrain.

perfect pinky rest terrain

Happy Tinkering,

Mike Bromberg