Yesterday, I made it out to Vail where the ice was forming up quite nicely. I only managed to boulder around for an hour or so over near the Raquet Club, but got a few pics of the other areas from the highway. Spiral Staircase and the Firehouse looked surprisingly good, but a few others were a while out.

One thing is for sure: the ice is looking much better than the skiing…

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If you are at all like me in the early winter, much of your internet “productivity” is spent trolling forums, Facebook stalking, and filtering through the spray out there for the most current ice climbing conditions in Colorado. As compared with backcountry ski conditions, where snow quality can be easily deduced through your local avalanche forecast center, seeking ice conditions is often a much more time consuming task… I’ve been noticing many folks coming across the site searching for ice conditions, so I thought I’d post my ice conditions “circuit” for your convenience.

Colorado Ice Climbing Conditions– The name says it all. A nice site, but not always consistently updated.

Jack Roberts’ Ice Report– The well informed and well connected Jack Roberts’ page is regularly updated, and usually contains some great conditions info specifically for the areas most readily accessible to front rangers.

Mountain Project– If isn’t on your radar, you’ve likely just been introduced to climbing and/or the internet. The incredible amount of beta on this site can be overwhelming, but here is a link to a thread that has been quite helpful lately…

Climbing Life– IFMGA mountain guide Eli Helmuth is the source for RMNP conditions. Weather, avalanche and ice conditions regularly and professionally updated.

Skyward Mountaineering- IFMGA mountain guide Vince Anderson’s page is not always updated regularly, but is solid and really the best professional perspective from the San Juans.

Colorado Mountain Journal– This site is new to me after a link to one of my recent posts turned it up… So far, I’m impressed.

Ouray Ice Park– The park website- often updates their conditions and opening/closing dates.

That seems like plenty for now, but if you have a favorite Colorado ice conditions resource, please give me a shout!