While the CBAC has been open since November 17th, I’m finding myself getting into my winter routine with the new snowfall. My normal winter routine consists of hopping on the computer first thing in the morning and checking the avalanche bulletin over on the CBAC website.  Being a forecaster myself, although very part-time this year, I still like to stay current on all the goings on. Our center is unique because we post the observations from community members and local professionals. I like to think of CB as the greatest backcoutry ski community in the country, and our center is a great example of how important public involvement can be.

Some very interesting changes at the avalanche center include the introduction of the avert- online snow science system. I feel that the addition of this system puts the CBAC at the forefront of American avalanche forecasting centers. While I have always been one to promote community-forecaster interaction and operational standards, this system really opens the doors. Anyone that has spent any time up in Canada, knows that they do it right when it comes to snow.

Anyways, check out what we’ve got going on out


Our annual Avalanche Awareness Night will be on December 2nd over at the Crested Butte Center of the Arts. Come and check out some great talks on avalanche education, rescue and a great (really) raffle. 

Mike Bromberg