The last few days have been legendary here in the Chugach. Constant smiles from both guides and guests and repeatedely hearing people saying that “today was the best skiing of my life”.Now that the weather has cleared and we’ve had a chance to get out and play a little, the snowpack is looking solid. It seems that all told we have about 120cm’s of new snow, bonded very well to the old snow surface. Repeated bonding tests are producing minimal and often no results at all. Flying around we’ve observed countless large natural avalanches (photos to come) occuring during the storm, but overall, stability is looking good.

The past few days have been perfect. I managed to find my way into an empty seat for a day of tail guiding on my day off on Tuesday. We managed to log nearly 30,000 vertical, even while skiing at a nice casual pace.

Yesterday I skied with a group of students from the University of Alaska Anchorage in the snowcat terrain around Stone mountain. Great visibility and even better snow, led to an impressive amount of vertical for this group of really talented young skiers.

Keep checking back for more updates as well as photos from the last few days.