One of the main motivating factors for becoming an internationally certified mountain guide, is the opportunity to ski and climb in areas that I’ve only dreamt about. I’ve drooled over articles featuring ski tracks from summit to sea with peaks that look like they were purpose built for ski mountaineering. No pesky glaciers or long flat approaches, just pure ski touring.

it seems that all of NAG’s guest have bright colors and big skis! That’s what I’m talking about!!

The owners of a growing guide service, Northern Alpine Guides, Seth Hobby and his wife Maren, had been taunting me all winter on Facebook with incredible images of the area. I halfheartedly prodded for some work opportunities. And to my surprise- voila!. My bags are packed and I leave this afternoon.

who wouldn’t comment on a photo like this!

With some new techy gizmos, some low tech gear mods, and a ton of excitement; I will be posting as many updates and edits as I can manage throughout the journey. Please follow along here as well as on twitter @mountainpromike.

Here is a brief video teaser of some of my favorite photos I’ve pilfered from NAG!