Yesterday a few of us enjoyed a non-skiing journey down to Reine for a little bit of reconnaissance and some sightseeing. We did find some very inspiring terrain (yes, that is a 600m nearly untouched wall), but also some cool art installations along the way.

I regularly explore art blogs during my daily internet feasting and had read of a few spots in the area prior to my arrival in Norway. I find the very urban street art style pieces in the very rural areas to be a really interesting contrast. You can read more about these specific pieces and the artists here.

These paintings/stencils were installed in this veritable playhouse for these artists. Strewn about the cabin was hundreds of meters of weathered boat rope and fishing nets.

fish hangs

The Lofoten coastlines are lined with these really huge fish hangs. These massive installations of drying cod, have been an important export since 800 A.D.

Cod Insides

Capturing the insides of the hangs was risky business. With their heads removed, the drying fish were leaking all kinds of good stuff and left me smelling very authentic for the remainder of the car ride.

Northern Lights Kabelvag Hotell

Returning to Kabelvag, we were treated to some very vibrant Northern Lights. Naturally, some camera futzing was necessary to capture the NL’s in their brilliance, but I eventually got it together and managed to capture a few nice ones.

More images from the day’s events can be found at the tail end of this mobileMe gallery.