Pose down with the sintesi

Pose down with the sintesi


Skis (make/model): 2007-2008 Ski Trab Duo Sintesi

Dimensions: 105/102-73-89

Weight per pair: 5.0lbs/pair

Size Tested: 171

Tester’s Name: Mike Bromberg

Tester’s Weight: 155

Bindings: Dynafit TLT Classic

Boots: Garmont Megaride

Mike with the Sintesi on the W face of mt Dickey

Mike with the Sintesi on the W face of mt Dickey

Testing Notes

A lightweight ski with a wood core, it is immediately apparent that the Sintesi is of European ski touring origin.

I had the opportunity to test this ski first at home guiding multi-day hut tours in Crested Butte then on a two week ski expedition in the Alaska Range, followed by two weeks of ski touring in Valdez, Alaska while participating in an AMGA course…

The Verdict

I was very impressed with the overall feel both uphill and down in the mid-winter Colorado snowpack. The skis are easy to maneuver with a perfectly marked pivot location that facilitated effortless kick-turns on the uphill. A surprisingly snappy and stout feel for such a lightweight package on the downhill, it didn’t take long to figure out that these skies loved to make tight quick turns…On to Alaska, skiing everything from gentle glacier pow runs to 50+ degree variable crud with a 40lb. pack to tight corn filled couloirs I was able to really get a feel for how far I could push (the Sintesis). In Alaska it was apparent that the Sintesi is simply one of the best all around ski mountaineering tools available. While touring around 6000 ft per day, the skis were a pleasure skinning as well as on my back for extended booting sections. The skis handled very well in “no fall zone” areas, confidently holding their edges on the most bulletproof hardpack and were very well suited to tight, very steep lines with the very low swingweight…While the trend towards fatter and heavier backcountry touring boards continues to prevail in North America, the Sintesi’s overall good performance proves that there is certainly a place for a lightweight ski alpinism tool in the modern guide’s arsenal.