Sometimes I have new and exciting products to blog about like the BD justice ski, or new techniques and research regarding avalanche forecasting. Other times, I leave the interwebs behind and I’m just too psyched on life to spend all that time in front of the computer. The best part about my job(s) are that I get to spend my days with wonderful and inspiring students and friends doing what I love… climbing and skiing in the mountains.

It’s been a while since I had last checked in, I was out in a very warm and crowded (but very fun!) Ouray Ice Park for the last CMC Ice Block section. We climbed hard, lowered safely, and learned a ton while the park was as warm as ever. A death in my family brought me to the state that is the complete opposite of mountainous, and now I’m back in CB excited and grateful.

A Climber Navigates the depths of the Ouray Ice Park

A Climber Navigates the depths of the Ouray Ice Park

I went for a great ski tour with a fellow Crested Butte Mountain Guide today. I was slow and lazy from my sea level excursion, so we chatted and joked the whole way up the heinous (possible worst in the world!) skin track after out 11am start. It’s nice to be off once and a while too.

Anyways, I made a quick video of him (Johnny) skiing the excellent poudre! Check it out. I especially like the classic NOFX song in the background (Can you name it??)

[Vimeo 3230738]

We’re planning to climb tomorrow, nothing fancy just Lake City Ice Park. Should be a good day out.

Mtns tiny

Mike Bromberg