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February in Chamonix, France

Mike Bromberg and Ben Mitchell skiing in Chamonix, France
Alps Bikepacking

Alps Bikepacking

Adventuring in the French, Swiss and Italian Alps often involves an interesting inter-modal blend of cablecars, ski lifts, trains, cars, buses and often helicopters. Motivated for a different type of adventure (ie not climbing) and inspired by folks riding the Tour Divide back at home, I decided to kick off my summer season with an...
April in the Alps

April in the Alps

Most sports enthusiasts have a list of destinations that make it onto their “bucket lists”. For the baseball fan, it might be watching a Sox/Yankees game at Fenway Park. For the golfer, it might be playing a round at Pebble Beach. For the serious ski enthusiast: the trip that makes most skiers’ list is almost...

Voie Frison-Roche

Climbing the frison-roche on the Brevent in Chamonix. The frison roche is the most popular route on the main face of the route and hosts 6 pitches of great rock climbing at a reasonable grade (6a+).

Alpine Exploits

Having the perfect blend of work and play in the mountains is something that (I think) every guide struggles with. The lure of more work as well as the necessity of more play, or perhaps vice-versa; is a very delicate balance. Having been careful to not over do it on each end, I’ve had some...

Chamonix Randomness

More than halfway through the AMGA Advanced Alpine Guide’s Course on the early morning telepherique I learn that “it’s not nice to make the local guides get in before you!”… There is etiquette and manners and then their is the mountain guide hierarchy here in the chamonix valley. As an aspiring IFMG/UIAGM Aspirant Guide I’m...

Great News!

Yesterday morning I got an unexpected phone call from Katie Kelly over at the American Mountain Guides Association informing me that I am the lucky recipient of the 2009 Osprey Scholarship! I’ve got big plans for using this scholarship towards the Advanced Alpine Guide’s Course/Aspirant Exam to be held in Chamonix, France this upcoming summer....