The AMGA’s new “two week” rule is more stressful than the exam itself… The new rule is designed to give both the candidates and examiners some time to appropriately process feedback and reflect on the learning experience. In past courses and exams, candidates were immediately informed of their final score- resulting in either gleeful satisfaction or (I can only imagine) regret and disbelief!

Although I am generally in favor of the idea behind the new rule, the suspense of waiting for the final word is less than fun. So, despite receiving some great feedback during the course: the more time that goes by, the less positive my memories become.

Speaking of courses and exams- check out this link to a post that I wrote over on the Osprey Packs blog of my experiences in Chamonix.

For now, I am back in Crested Butte obsessively checking my email and for the exam results and getting things sorted for the winter season. There are a ton of great offerings both here in CB and abroad, so check back for website updates often.