Since moving to Revelstoke in the fall of 2012, I have had the good fortune of exploring many of the local cliffs and have been pleasantly surprised. While most of the climbing are consists of single pitch sport climbs, there are many longer adventure climbs that also allow one to get high off the deck with little more than a rack of quickdraws.

One of the more unique destinations is a cliff known as Waterworld located off of highway 23 North above the Columbia River or what is now known as Lake Revelstoke. The standard approach to Waterworld involves a 2 minute approach and 2 or 4 rappels to reach the base of three sectors.

Kristin Rappelling in during an early spring approach.

The other alternative is to access these climbs by water. Of course, human powered adventures and multi-sport days are always fun, so we rented paddleboards and accessed via a nice leisurely 1 hour paddle.

Waterworld as viewed from the water

Reaching for a hold with our vessels below.

Final pitch to the top.

A technical transition.

Heading back to the car.