Things are grim around here. I try not to count the days, but it has been over a week since we have last seen the sun here in Valdez. I hate to play ignorant about the weather forecast when asked, but my garbled responses about some kindof highpressureridgebuildingoutblahblah does nothing for anyone.

The cat skiing has been pretty good lately, but some areas are starting to look a little more like a ski area than a backcountry experience. Anyways, the AMGA ski mountaineering guides exam is right around the corner and I am approaching the final days in my helicopter skiing season. With a little luck and a significant change in the weather pattern, I should have a few solid weeks to train and prepare for the exam.

The latest addition to my guide pack is this Yaesu Vx-6r radio, which will be my comms.   The VX-6r

I plan to have extended Exam coverage including blog entries from candidates as well as gear notes and all the lowdown.