There has been plenty of unreported activity since my last blog post, but I’m going to be perfectly honest with you; I like skiing powder and climbing ice far more than I like the interwebs. I know that might be hard to believe for the folks that know my ‘net tendencies, but it’s true.

Speaking of which, twitter and “tweeting” has been keeping me much more entertained than regular old blogging (so ’90s). So if you haven’t done so yet – follow me on twitter!

Below are some images from January of all the fun climbing that was had all around Colorado the past few weeks.

Vail Send

Steep Ice Technique in Vail

A large portion of my January was spent working with a group of highly motivated students from Colorado Mountain College’s Outdoor Program, on a ten day ice program that found us at some of the best ice climbing venues in the state. These included Vail, Chalk Falls, Belford Falls, Officer’s Gulch, and Lake City.

Lead Demo at Belford Falls

This program is not only unique in that it teaches students the fine art of proper ice climbing technique, but also lets them apply anchor building and site management skills that they have learned in previous courses. Many students from the CMC program go on to work in outdoor education in some form or another, while others decide to pursue guide certification with the American Mountain Guides Association.

drytooling demo- a 2nd ascent (not typically part of the curriculum!)

In other news, many of you may have received my first ever email newsletter, highlighting many of the great upcoming trips both around Colorado and over in the European Alps this spring and summer. Here it is below for your viewing pleasure! (click for online with working links).

Screen shot 2010-02-05 at 5.22.39 PM

Mountain Pro Winter Newsletter

February and March find me with a much more relaxed schedule with plenty of time available to ski the fantastic terrain in my backyard. I’ve been dreaming up a spectacular mega-tour in the local Elk Mountains that travels on a complex ridgeline above 12,000 ft for over 12 miles! Stay tuned for a trip report hopefully next week sometime.